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5 Ltr. Hotel Mould and Odour suppressant - Liquid

5 Ltr. Hotel Mould and Odour suppressant - Liquid


Kills Bacteria and Mould that cause bad odour!

  • Eliminates urine, tobacco, food & other organically derived odours. 
  • Deodorise areas of heavy soiling, eg. wet carpet. 
  • Also eliminate mould in wardrobes, bathroom tiles or walls.
  • General Housekeeping - Spray 4 – 6 times in the air in an average size bedroom, also 3-4 times into the return air duct (usually in the ceiling near bathroom door) or into the wall hung split system air intake.  This sanitises the air conditioning unit and the room.
  • For use in large areas dilute 50:50 with distilled water and use in a chemical fogging machine.
  • 100% safe to spray into the air.  Non-toxic and hypoallergenic.
  •  Has no perfume – Leaves areas smelling ‘fresh’.
  • No Odour Is A Good Odour !
  • Also available in 1Ltr hand spray packs
  • We can give you labels for your own 1 Ltr bottles.
  • Super concentrate 500ml version makes 10 Ltrs. For EXPORT ONLY.
  • In areas of recurring bad odour or mould use an Original Safe T air cream pack to provide 2-3 months protection.
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