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Kills 99% of

harmful bacteria.

Reduces the spread of

respiratory illness,

sore throats, sneezes,

coughs, and flu.

  Ideal for re-usable facemasks.


Alcohol & perfume free, safe, non-toxic,

100% plant based

natural biocide.



Made in Australia with

99% Australian ingredients.

Worldwide shortage of face masks


Because of the worldwide demand for facemasks, there is a shortage of high grade N95/P2 and lower grade surgical masks.  This has created a demand for re-usable and home made masks.


According to the WHO N95/P2 masks are good to use for a few hours.

Surgical (blue) masks are only ideal to stop a medico from coughing into some one else's face while performing a treatment, and should be thrown away after each treatment.  You might also like to look at the WHO page busting many of the myths surrounding COVID-19

HINTS FOR MASK USE & SANITIZATION - Centre for Disease Control (CDC)

  • Never share masks. (CDC)

  • COVID-19 virus lives for 72 hours ( - Safety Tips), therefore use 3 masks and rotate them.

  • Store masks in a (breathable) new paper bag when not in use. (WHO)

  • If washing your mask, check the integrity of the fabric (you'll need a microscope), washing opens up the fabrics weave.

  • NSW Health dept. (Australia) suggests changing your mask when it becomes moist, this is due to bacterial growth in moist conditions.

  • Using bleach to sanitise a mask can be dangerous, it can leave Chlorine gas in the mask. (Annals of Occupational Hygiene -USA)

  • Using a microwave to sanitize a mask can melt the fabric.

  • Use a non-toxic sanitizer to kill bacteria and mould spores on your mask.


Use Original Safe T mask spray to kill harmful microbes & bacteria.

Simply spray your face mask once on the inside and outside. 

Wait 2 - 3 minutes and put the mask on. 

Repeat every 3 - 4 hours, or as you feel necessary.

100% natural anti microbial, non toxic, no nasties, no alcohol, no perfume.

Kills 99% of harmful bacteria.

Tested on humans not animals.

Available in 100ml, and 1 Ltr spray packs,

also a 5 Ltr bulk pack.

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