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Much as we would love to say that we can cure this illness, we can't.

We know that Original Safe T air can make the air in your building safer.

You  deep clean your office.

What about your air handling system?


You look around and clean everything you touch in the building.

Do you ever look up at the air conditioning?

Even if it looks a bit dirty on the ceiling - then it is very dirty inside the ducting.


 Original Safe T air kills 99% of the harmful the germs in the ducts

and the air you breathe .

It lasts for up to 3 months.

Original Safe T air will help maintain your immune system.

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Sold Worldwide Since 2001

Original Safe T air is a natural, odour free, non-toxic biocide. 

It eliminates known pathogens that circulate in buildings and enclosed spaces. 

The active ingredient is Australian Tea Tree Oil, a renewable and natural resource.


It is also a powerful deodorant, it kills the bacteria that cause most bad odours (odors). 

"Kill the bacteria - Kill the smell".

The formulation of Original Safe T air cream has been improved since 2000 to increase shelf life, stability, and evaporation rates.  A new liquid formulation was added to the range in 2017. 


In 2018 a new 100gm cream pack was introduced for domestic, and some small commercial, applications. 


This R&D is constantly ongoing.

With years of experience, we can help you to achieve your desired outcome. 

Whether that is reducing staff absenteeism due to outbreaks of coughs, sore throats, sniffles or colds spreading through buildings, often called 'Sick Building Syndrome'.

In nursing homes Original Safe T air can reduce urine & gangrene smells, and cross infection . 

Original Safe T air has been used to eliminate food poisoning problems,caused by harmful mould (mold), mildew, bacteria, yeasts etc that can be found in enclosed spaces. 


Maybe you'd like to deodorize your sneakers or helmet.

We are available to answer your questions, and are always keen to rise to new challenges.  

Please reach out us.

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