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Limo Driver With Original Safe T air_365
Owner Driver - Top
Passengers making you ill?
Can you afford to stay home - sick?
A 100% natural Australian plant based biocide to reduce mould, mildew and
harmful bacteria in your car.
Perfume Free !
  • Original Safe T air deep cleans your vehicle, killing harmful mould & bacteria in every crack and crevice

  • Reduce cross infection of coughs, colds and respiratory illness

  • Use in cars, people movers & SUV's to reduce mould & odor

  • Use cream as a gentle deodorant.

  • Perfume free - Makes your car smell "fresh" and new.

  • Remove protective seal, replace lid, sit the cream pack in your drinks holder

  • Cream slowly evaporates over the next 2 - 3 months.

  • Use spray to rapidly  deodorize or sanitize vehicle.

  • Designed with Limo, Ride share and Taxi Drivers in mind.

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Use Original Safe T air in your car
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