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100 ml Safe T mask Spray Pack

100 ml Safe T mask Spray Pack


Original Safe T mask is a natural spray to sanitise your face mask, keeping you safer, and prolonging the life of your re-usable mask. It is a 100% natural Australian plant based biocide that kills 99% of harmful microbes, bacteria and mould.   It is not toxic, and has no alcohol or perfume.

 It is also a powerful deodorant.  If your mask has an unpleasant odour, it is a clear sign of microbial activity.  Kill the microbes = eliminate the odor.

 This handy pack is easy to carry.  You can use it anytime to sanitise your face mask.

  • Remove your mask, spray once on the outside and inside.
  • Each spray is about 1ml.  So a 100 ml pack should deliver around 100 sprays.  That's about $ 0.30 for each time you treat your mask.
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