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What we know about COVID-19

Our thoughts as of 3rd March 2020

We believe that it is not IF COVID-19 hits Australia, but WHEN.  We think that it will be at its worst through our winter when people catch other minor respiratory illnesses.

We already know some pertinent information

1) Published data states that the suspected mortality rate is around 1.5 - 3%.  Accurate rates of infection and mortality are difficult to obtain from some countries.

2) COVID-19 does not appear to attack the very young. This is unusual as most other strains of Coronavirus do. However, schools and kindergartens are places where adults congregate.

3) COVID-19 seems to attack, and be more serious for, the elderly (60+) and to those with other underlying conditions that suppress the immune system, including minor respiratory illnesses.

4) COVID-19 suppresses the immune system even further, leaving the victim open to a third layer of bacterial infection such as Pneumonia, which can be fatal.

We feel that points 3 and 4 are critical, and where Original Safe T air could be highly beneficial.

We know from University and CSIRO (Australian Government Laboratories) testing that Original Safe T air and its natural active ingredient is a powerful broad spectrum biocide.  It is effective against harmful bacteria that cause serious respiratory illness such as Pseudomonas putida, Serratia marescens, Aspergillus niger & flavus to name just a few.  (See our paper “ Common Bio Contaminants 2018.pdf ” in our Technical info section of our web page).  All of the harmful biocontaminants commonly found in airconditioning systems suppress the immune system and leave the body open to other infections.

Therefore stopping the primary, or third layer of infection in the occupants of your building could possibly reduce the severity of COVID-19.

Therefore we recommend the use of Original Safe T air in any building where people gather, or have high visitor numbers. especially the elderly or immune compromised.  The obvious buildings that fall into this category are Nursing Homes, Doctors Surgeries, Office buildings, Ships, Prisons, and Universities, to name just a few.  Original Safe T air permeates into, and works actively in, every unseen nook and cranny in a building.

More info T :- Gordon +61 (0) 407-237-334

© Ranea Enterprises - Original Safe T air - March 2020.

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