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5 Ltr Natural Spray Wet Carpet Odour killer - Liquid

5 Ltr Natural Spray Wet Carpet Odour killer - Liquid

  • Eliminates wet carpet odour.
  • Excellent natural odour eliminator for carpet cleaners.
  • Original Safe T air is NOT perfumed.
  • Do not mask the odour. Kill the bacteria and mould that cause the odour !
  • In flood situations, lift the carpet, use fans and heat to dry the carpet out.  At the same time spray the carpet and room liberally daily with Original Safe T air spray until carpet is dry and odour has gone.
  • Follow up with an appropriately sized pack of Original Safe T air slow release cream which gives up to 3 months of protection while flooded carpet really dries out.
  • Decant from this pack into your own 1 Ltr hand spray bottles (we can give you labels). 
  • Ideal for use in chemical fogging machines.
  • Also available in 1 Ltr hand spray packs. 
  • A super concentrate pack available (500ml makes 5 Ltrs) for economical shipping to Export Customers.
  • Original Safe T air is NOT perfumed.  It is alcohol free,  non-toxic, hypoallergenic, 100% natural, Australian broad spectrum biocide.



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