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5 Ltr Natural Biocide Spray Mould & Odour killer - Liquid

5 Ltr Natural Biocide Spray Mould & Odour killer - Liquid

  • Natural biocide spray for coolroom walls, and other mould, bacterial, or odour problems.
  • Non-toxic, Alcohol & Perfume free.
  • Australian plant based broad spectrum biocide is completely natural.
  • Does not taint food, but kills harmful moulds and bacteria. 
  • Can be used in conjunction with our cream based product to overcome food poisoning and food spoilage issues.
  • Spray liberally onto mould on tiles, windows & coolroom walls.
  • Decant into your own 1 Ltr Spray bottles (we can give you labels). 
  • Also use in chemical fogging machines to sanitise a large area such as a complete food processing plant or kitchen.
  • Spray onto wet carpet to eliminate “wet carpet smell”. 
  • Use it in toilets or other problem odour areas.
  • Also available in 1 Ltr packs. 
  • Also available as a super concentrate (500ml makes 5 Ltrs) for economical shipping – Export Only.
  • Follow up with our slow release Original Safe T air - cream to retard mould and bacterial regrowth for up to 3 months.
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