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100ml Nursing Home Odour & Mould eliminator - Liquid

100ml Nursing Home Odour & Mould eliminator - Liquid

  • Hand Spray Odour and Mould Suppressant
  • Kill the mould & bacteria = kill the odour !
  • Use to eliminate urine, gangrene, and other nursing home odours.
  • Can be used to spot treat areas of heavy soiling, eg. carpet or walls in dementia wards.
  • Spray directly on to mould in bathrooms, or other areas.
  • 100% safe to spray into the air.
  • 100% Natural Non-toxic, alcohol & perfume free, hypoallergenic mould killer.
  • Has no perfume. No smell is a good smell.
  • Also available in 1 Ltr and 5 Ltr. packs to decant into your own hand spray bottles (we can supply labels), and as a super concentrate (500ml makes 10 Ltrs) for EXPORT ONLY.
  • Follow up with a Nursing Home Pack of slow release Original Safe T air slow release cream.  This will help prevent mould re-growth and build up of odour for 2 – 3 months.
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