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1 LTR Bathroom Spray Mould Killer

1 LTR Bathroom Spray Mould Killer

  • Original Safe T air Bathroom Spray Mould Killer is Alcohol & Perfume free
  • Non toxic, hypoallergenic, safe to spray.
  • Spray directly on to mould, leave for 5 minutes, and wipe off. 
  • Repeat if necessary. 
  • If your mould is really tough to kill.  Use liquid bleach first.  Please be very careful using bleach, it is dangerous, and can burn your skin or eyes. 
  • Then follow up with Original Safe T air  Bathroom Spray Mould Killer.
  • Finally use a Bathroom Pack of slow release Original Safe T air cream.  This will help prevent mould re-growth. 
  • Slow release cream lasts 2-3 months.
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