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1 Kg. Nursing Home, Odour, Mould and Mildew Eliminator - Cream

1 Kg. Nursing Home, Odour, Mould and Mildew Eliminator - Cream

  • Slow Release - Reduce Odour, Mildew, Mould and Bacteria,
  • Reduce cross infection & food poisoning risks.
  • Reduces odour by killing airborne bacteria, mould & mildew.
  • Has been used in nursing homes to reduce urine and gangrene (use double dose) odour.
  • Sanitises and deodorises the filters, coils, ducting and the entire building interior.
  • Original Safe T air is a 100% natural Australian broad spectrum biocide.
  • Hypoallergenic, non-toxic, proven totally safe.
  • NOT perfumed.
  • Makes a building smell “Fresh”.
  • This size pack should be placed in return air duct of a small heating / air-conditioning system, OR
  • This is ideal for Dining Rooms. Place on top of a wall hung split air-conditioner, or on a high shelf in non air-conditioned rooms.
  • Also available in 4 Kg, 2 Kg, 500gm, 200gm, and 100gm packs.
  • Please ensure that correct size pack is being used. We suggest that your air-conditioning contractor contact us.
  • Liquid spray version available for spot treating heavy problem areas.
  • Follow up with this cream version to maintain freshness.
  • It should last 2 – 3 months.
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