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Reopening unoccupied buildings -

Time for preventative maintenance on HVAC systems

WHY? * Shutting down HVAC systems and reducing airflow increases filter efficiency = increased level of bio-contaminants settling in filters ductwork and entire building envelope * Bio-contaminants are food for bacteria and mould creating bad odour. * Restored airflow blows the bio-contaminants around your building. * Restored foot traffic grinds and throws up settled bio-contaminants in carpets. Ultrafine particles >PM1.5 re-suspend in the air, entering people's lungs THE FIX * CHANGE filters * CLEAN coils, improve thermal efficiency, reduce running costs * CLEAN plenums & ducting - where harmful bacteria & mould live and multiply * SANITIZE - Your whole building envelope and HVAC with a long-lasting sanitiser Ask your contractor to use Original Safe T air * Easy, inexpensive & effective. Put packs in your system, replace quarterly * Kills harmful bacteria & mould in your building * Tested against common building bio-contaminants * 100% natural Australian plant-based biocide * Perfume-free, non-toxic

* Reduces Sick Leave * Buildings smell "Fresh", it kills unpleasant odours * Made in Melbourne,

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