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Does Coronavirus spread through air conditioning? Simply the answer is Yes !

We know that Coronavirus and other harmful bacteria, yeasts and moulds can remain suspended in the air, in ultra-fine droplets for 3 or more hours.

This can be seen in the case of diners at a Chinese restaurant. The 3 families sitting within the blue cloud of aerosols (Image: medRxiv) contracted the virus. While other diners and staff were not infected. The infection was transmitted by a recirculating air conditioner (often called a split system) high on the wall.

This type of air conditioner needs cleaning and sanitising annually. This is a simple job that most people can do themselves. Also the unit should remain sanitised at all times to inhibit the re-growth of harmful pathogens to ensure the best quality air in your building.

World leader in Environmental Health, Professor Lidia Morawska from Queensland University of Technology, was recently the lead author of a letter to the WHO alerting the World to the dangers of fine particles that carry harmful microbes remaining suspended in the air for many hours.

There is growing evidence that small droplet (airborne) transmission is a significant route of infection indoors. (Image: Airborne transmission of SARS-CoV-2 By Lidia Morawska)

The droplets are much smaller than any filter in a recirculating air conditioner can trap.

Not only can the droplets carry SARS-COV-2 but can also include bacteria, yeasts and moulds such as Golden Staph, Legionella, E-Coli, Aspergillus, Bacillus, Pseudomonas, Candida, and more. These micro-organisms can cause a variety of respiratory and skin infections as well as food poisoning. These are contaminants regularly found multiplying in all types of air conditioning systems.

"Original Safe T air" is a natural Tea Tree Oil based Australian biocide that will kill, and suppress the re-growth of harmful bacteria, yeasts, and moulds in air handling systems for up to 3 months per dose.

Email me to set up a free 20 minute zoom meeting or phone call to discuss your concerns.

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