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COVID19 - Hierarchy of Controls

This graphic came to my inbox, and I'd like to share it with you

The last point in the Engineering column is so very important. Often air handling systems are the most neglected.

Out of sight - Out of mind.

Bringing fresh air into a large ducted system is not easy. #HVAC systems are designed to bring in only 20% fresh air this means 80% is re-circulated. Yes you are breathing the exhaled air of the person that you don't like down the hall.

If a building has wall hung split systems or ceiling cassettes, then introduction of fresh air can only be through opening a window as these units only heat or cool the air in the room. Have a look at our post "Does Coronavirus spread through air conditioning? This was posted here on July 8th.

#Sanitising and cleaning air handling systems is often very low on the list of priorities of building managers and owners. They are out of sight !

Just look up at the air conditioning supply registers (air blowing into the room), see if there are black streaks of dust on the ceiling.

If the answer is yes - the system is filthy inside and is a vector for spreading many harmful #pathogens throughout your building.

End to end #sanitizing of your #airconditioning system is easier than you might think.

No matter where you are ask me how....

We help clients worldwide.

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