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Fuzzy Dust & Black Mould in Nursing Home

The CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Commission) report today that the Rosslyn Nursing Home, Hamilton, Canada, has been closed on several counts. In mid May they had an outbreak of COVID-19 causing 10 deaths that forced the removal of all patients.

Subsequent inspection found glaring problems of black mould and mouse droppings in the kitchen area. The black mould was found in the coolrooms, a ‘"fuzzy dust" coating the ceiling of the home's walk-in cooler, along with black mould that was seen on the walls, electrical wires, metal temperature sensor’ says the CBC. This ‘fuzzy dust’ also covered the kitchen’s range hood, which was also greasy and a fire hazard.

From this distance, and without seeing lab reports from swabs taken (if there were any) we can only guess that the “fuzzy dust” could actually be black mould spores.

Mouse droppings were found in many places around the kitchen, including inside a plastic container storing clean utensils, under the dishwasher, and in the dry good store.

Issues were also noted with the dishwasher that only reached a temperature of 105 – 110 F (40.6 – 43.3 C) whereas it should reach a minimum of 120F (49 C) to comply with their regulations.

This was not the first inspection from authorities. Previously they had been warned of unsatisfactory PPE training for staff, mouse, and bed bug issues.

The take away from this is that if you have a problem the health authorities will check absolutely everything. Take precautions first!

For the full story see the CBC report at

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